MORE Projects

Greentree, 2007

6500 sq. ft. of completely gutted space was divided into reception and bar area, dining area, 2 party rooms and basement kitchen. Scope of project included all power/lighting, low voltage wiring phone/data, speakers and cameras. Also we designed lighting controls by zones with Lutron system devices.

Concorde Hotel, 2008

We got a phone call on a Saturday from the building Engineer with a troubleshooting request. We found out the phase "B" blades on their 4000 amp service had oxidized and lost contact, which triggered the building's generator to switch on. We gave the building a temporary feed and a few weeks later we had ConEdison at site to disconnect their "B" phase feeders and we replaced all of the damaged blades.

GAL Manufacture, 2008

Scope of this project included new construction build for the 10,000 sq. ft. office space and electronic labs. We performed all electrical lighting/power and low voltage wiring including their termiantions and testing throughout the space.

At the same time we installed new lighting for the 10,000 sq. ft. ground floor and the 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse and high amperage risers for their new industrial equipment.


This project included building their new 7000 sq. ft. sales office in reference to the new condominium building next door. We performed all electrical lighting/power and low voltage wiring in the project.

45-47W 57th Street, NYC, 2010

This project was Advisory Board Approved. We did troubleshooting on one 200 amp fuse and found out the building was a fire hazard. The superintendent showed us the DOB violations paperwork for the electrical field. The next day we met with the building owner who approved our proposal and awarded us the job.

The scope of work involved replacing the SEB, one 1200 amp disconnect, two 400 amp disconnects and multiple 200 amp disconnects and their respective meters. Along with the DOB Advisory Board, two crews from ConEdison were involved in this project. They isolated feeders for us to replace the SEB and reconnect by extending the feeders. During the power outage from ConEdison, we kept the building energized with 2 generators. Multiple violations were removed upon inspection

KD Dance Manufacture, 2010

They relocated twice that year and we performed all electrical work for them at both locations. This project included complete lighting/power for the 10,000 sq. ft. clothing manufacturing space.

GAL, 2011

This project for new 4000 amp service included hiring an engineering firm to draw up the plans and file them with the Advisory Board - DOB. Preparation for this project included 5 site meetings with ConEdison engineering crews. We built a complete new 3 ph/4000 amp electrical service and connected to all necessary existing distribution panels.